Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not Alone Anymore

Yesterday was the first workout in a very long time where I was not alone. My coaches, Paul and VV, were with me during the entire 12 miles. But I realized later that day that I really have not been alone through this challenging journey. Even on my long workouts when I have not been able to run and everyone else left me behind, I have not been alone. The spirits of my grandmother and uncle who lost their battles to cancer have been with me all the time. Knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of current cancer patients also keeps me going. In addition to these people, all my donors and supporters that have made my journey to San Diego possible, they have been with me during each workout. Two of my friends used the word "epiphany" this I too have had an journey has not been one that I have experienced alone.

One my teammates recognized the amount of commitment I have put into training for this marathon, the full marathon. She said that if it had been her in my shoes she would have dropped down to the half marathon. But I didn't! I have done everything in my power to complete the entire marathon. I have endured countless workouts with pain and learned how to make my legs stronger that will eventually reduce that pain. Watching my teammates run ahead of me is difficult, yet I continue to do what my body says is best. I wear two bracelets at all times. One says: Train Endure Achieve Matter. The other one says: Relentless.

Relentless...that just about sums up my entire personality. I am not a quitter. I learned a great motto a long time ago while I was in the Coast Guard...improvise, adapt, overcome! This is what I have done to accomplish my mission! So I will continue to walk until I can run again. I will continue to ice and stretch everyday. I will continue to build strength in my legs with each leg lift. I am not alone...I never have been!

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