Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nashville Half-Marathon

Last weekend I completed my first half-marathon. Rain, thunder, lightning, and the threat of tornadoes could not stop me from finishing those 13.1 miles. Between mile 10 and 11, I was forced to seek shelter in a warehouse along the course. After waiting fifteen minutes, a medical official said the weather was not going to improve and we could finish the race at our own risk. I only had 2.6 miles to go so I high tailed it out of that warehouse.

I steadily increased my pace...pumping my arms to make me go faster. I had the finish line in my mind and nothing was going to stop me now. My mentor, Tish, met me near mile 12 and walked with me until we saw my coach Paul. Paul walked with me for a short distance, explaining the route to the finish line. At this point the finish line was in sight.

Soaking wet, with sore shins, I crossed the finish line in 3 hours 46 minutes and 18 seconds. Had I not been pulled from the course I would have finished in the time I had predicted when I registered for the half marathon, 3:30.0. But I cannot control Mother Nature!

The best part of the race...I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO KNEE PAIN!!!

Here are some of the highlights of my race weekend:

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