Sunday, February 28, 2010

Don't Get Discouraged!

Yesterday my training schedule said I needed to run 12 miles. My goal was 10 miles since I was unable to complete that distance a couple of weeks ago due to my foot pain.

The morning started off great with only a slight amount of rain. I actually enjoy running in the rain, as long as it is not freezing rain. I am still running a 1:1 interval and I think I will stay here. I am able to run faster during the run portion and maintain a steady walk pace during the recovery minute. I surprised myself when I was able to keep up with one of my running budides who was running a 2:1 interval.

Unfortunately I had to end my run early due to knee pain in my right knee. I completed 6 miles. My problem is related to my iliotibial tract (IT band). I did not follow my coaches' advise and stretch last week. So my goal this week is to ice, stretch, incorporate strength training and cross-training (I have to get back into the pool!!). Hopefully these changes will help with my injuries and put me back on track with the rest of my teammates!!! GO TEAM!!!

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  1. Glad to see you in blogland! :)
    If you're interested in running blogs, my friend has one plus links to tons more. You can find her blog listed on mine - 21 Days (under the friends' blogs section).